What Are The Dangers Of Anorexia Eating Disorder

Statistics show that purportedly over five million Americans get affected by life-threatening eating disorders and these include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive eating and obesity and pica.

If these disorders aren’t treated, the psychological, emotional as well as physical penalties would become out of hand and occasionally may even lead to fatalities. So, one must carefully observe for eating disorder symptoms that their loved ones may have.

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An anorexia eating disorder is sometimes known as anorexia nervosa and is extremely risky and might also be threatening to an individual’s life. It results from the individual intentionally depriving them of food. This may even take the extreme type of starving in an effort to attain the much-desired thinness.

Anorexia eating disorder means the person attempts to have extreme weight loss in addition to refusing to keep the body weight which should be normal for people of the same age and height. Yet when they are incredibly thin, the individual afflicted by eating disorder will still consider himself or herself to be obese.

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Anorexia eating disorder lowers an individual’s self-esteem and this disease is directly related to the shape of the bodies in addition to body weights.

Additionally, anorexia eating disorder mostly affects girls of the younger group and is more than a problem with food. Anorexia eating disorder is a way of using food or starving themselves to suffer. And also while trying to relieve tension, anger and anxiety; it’s known to play a significant role.

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Although anorexia nervosa treatment is available, one has to be willing to get treated and get out of this situation.

There may be a number of contributing factors for a person to suffer from an anorexia eating disorder, in addition to biology, culture, personal feelings, stressful events or life changes, and ultimately, families. A person afflicted by eating disorder won’t feel energetic and therefore acts slowly.

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