Ways To Stop Bleeding

In the present world, the hospitals are likely to be either overloaded or closed, so do not hope that a nurse or doctor will help you if you are injured.

They will be too busy assisting people that are injured more seriously. You have to help yourself and your family to get out of this situation.

There can be several incidents where you can hurt yourself and the most common type of injury that you may have to face is a bad cut that won’t stop bleeding. You might have seen on TV shows and movies where people make a tourniquet or put pressure on wounds to stop the bleeding.

Using a tourniquet

But do you know how exactly does it work? Here are some important points that you need to consider:

Raise the wounded part of the body above the heart

By raising the injured body part above the heart, gravity will come into action and will stop the blood from flowing so fast, thus making it easier to stop.

Put pressure on the wound

Blood will not coagulate till it stops flowing. The best thing that can be used in this situation is gauze as it helps blood stick together. But if nothing is present at that moment, you may use a thick cloth. If the blood soaks through the cloth, add another layer.

Use pressure points

How to Stop Bleeding

The pressure points are referred to areas where blood vessels are near to the surface. If you press on these areas, blood flow will slow down. Be sure that the point is somewhere between the injury and the heart, else it won’t be effective.

Use a tourniquet

This is the last option in this process. It is best to use a commercial tourniquet, but if you do not have one, you can also use a wide belt or folded cloth. Tie the tourniquet between the wound and the heart, a few inches above the wound.

You may buy a tourniquet from any medical store. Some websites also offer tourniquet for sale. If you want to read about the tourniquets in details, you may refer this link.