Types Of Services Provided By Home Care Support Services Provider

For the care of seniors or disabled you can get various types of services such as assisted living, in home health care services, nursing home etc. The home care services are however the most popular nowadays since the carer providing such services make certain that the seniors have meals and also keeps the house clean.

This kind of support services are availed by senior or disabled individuals who are returning home from the hospital and they have no one else to care for them at home. One of the reasons that are highly preferred because from the expense point of view, it is way inexpensive than staying in the hospital with specialized care.

Below mentioned are the aspects covered by home care service providers:

  • Personal care – This includes laundry, housekeeping, and preparation of meals as part of personal care. Housekeeping is light dusting and vacuuming and a wipe down of the bathroom for cleanliness.

    In general, the personnel offering home care services arrives in the morning and assist the patient with bathing and washing hair. It will also comprise providing a warm, nutritionally-balanced meal.

  • Transportation – The home care services can also provide transportation for the patient to the doctor for regular check-ups or even for pharmacy runs. The transportation service will also include the buying of grocery items that are needed for the household through the week.
  • Management of medication and medical issues – The home care service’s most important job may be that of medication management. This also will include calling in refills on prescriptions and making sure the week-based pill containers are accurately filled.

You may find out here more reasons for the increase in demand for home carers. The other aspect of the medical care services is that of checking an incision site, sores, bladder, and bowel movement on a daily basis.