Things You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction and Drug Treatment

Today, alcohol addiction is the number one health problem in America and in 40 countries worldwide. Remarkably, only a small fraction of those who suffer from alcohol abuse actually seek treatment.

For those who do, the various recovery options are confusing and limited. Support groups and 12-steps programs have been in existence for nearly a century and offer vital emotional support. Yet, they do not offer alcohol detoxification or treatment, which is vital in combating any addiction.

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To address the physical nature of alcohol addiction, various drugs have been utilized to aid recovery. Not every person is a candidate for medication, and prescriptions only address one component of an alcohol disorder.

Alcohol Addiction

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In reality, alcohol dependence can damage health, relationships, finances, and careers. It often produces self-hatred, shame, guilt, anger, and resentment. And, unfortunately, no pill can cure that.

Are you one of those individuals who, despite everything you have tried, cannot quit drinking? If so, perhaps you should examine some of the available prescription medications. Below is a comprehensive list of the medications that are currently being used for alcohol addiction:

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Disulfiram (Antabuse or Refusal) is an alcohol-deterrent developed to prevent relapse. If you drink while taking it, you will likely experience very unpleasant physical reactions, particularly nausea and vomiting.

Also check the labels of deodorants, aftershaves, perfumes, and mouthwashes to ensure they are alcohol-free. If you drink alcohol while taking this medication and experience severe symptoms, seek medical support at once.

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