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All That You Need To Know About Drug Testing Kit

Nowadays there are various options available for performing a drug test. Most of the home test kits are used for urinalysis or hair strand tests. These tests are effective in finding preliminary drug usage.

You can find out ninety days of drug history with the hair strand test. Most of the employers opt for drug testing while hiring a candidate in order to ensure a drug-free environment. Medical professionals use this technique to figure out drugs in a diagnostic procedure.

A strip drug test is also available to check for single and multiple substances.  Few among them can test four substances at a time while others can test twelve different substances.  The type of strip drug test you chose totally depends on your preference.  

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With urinalysis, you can easily conduct a drug test. For this kind of drug, test urine is collected in a cup. Once you have collected urine in a cup then further you have to place the testing strip in it for a particular period of time.  You can use a five-panel drug test strip to test most commonly abused drugs. It hardly takes 5 minutes to produce a result with 5 panel drug test.

The main benefit of this drug test is that you can test for the drug like Adderall, uppers which are commonly used by young people for recreation and as a study aid.  


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Adderall is a prescription substance that people obtain from friends or family member. You can check this out in order to get more information related to the 5-panel drug test.

With 5 Panel drug test, you can test the drug like marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamines. It is the most convenient way of drug testing.

The result produced through 5 Panel drug test is quite accurate that’s why this drug testing technique is quite popular.