How to find a Qualified Lactation Consultant

There is nothing more exciting and wonderful than being a parent for the first time. What if there would be an expert and experienced consultant who will answer all your queries regarding breastfeeding if you’ve become a new mom.

A lactation consultant is basically an expert person who trains and guides the breastfeeding mothers. Lactation specialists are the verified health professionals who hold a certified degree in IBCLC ( International Board Certified Lactation Consultant ). They considered as the child care specialist.

Lactation Consultant

We’ve written this article in order to help you to find the best lactation specialist for your growing family.

The consultant you’re looking for should be authorized and her reputation, experience, and training is an important thing which you need to consider.

The Internet is a very helpful place to do your research. There are various websites and verified online platforms which are helping the new mothers to find an expert consultant to resolve their all difficulties regarding the motherhood.

postpartum care

Once you get a chance to meet one on one with the Lactation Consultant, you have to decide which questions you should ask the specialist.

How many years of experience the consultant have in postpartum care?

  • Do they have the authorization?
  • Ask the consultant for some references about the previous clients.
  • How much they will charge?

There is another way to find the best Lactation specialist. You should get in touch with your midwife. They must be able to refer to a highly experienced consultant for you.  

An expert consultant will able to help you with so many things in your maternity. If you have breast pain caused or other maternity issues, the consultant can help you to overcome these problems.

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They know the techniques to boost your baby’s feeding and how to maintain the baby’s health. So if your baby is experiencing weight and other health problems you must take advice from an experienced consultant.

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