Health and Wellness Coach Training

After waiting for 2 hours for her appointment, Jane finally gets in to see the overbooked doctor. The doctor cuts to the chase and says they is concerned about a number of Jane’s lab results. Jane is a tiny bewildered and doesn’t know the right questions to ask as the doctor rushes through her visit. So they leaves the doctor’s office without knowing what they needs to do to improve her numbers. This scenario is all common as the doctor to patient ratio gap continues to grow. So what is Jane to do?

Her best bet would be to enlist the help of a health coach or wellness coach. You may require to think of a wellness coach as a liaison between the patient and their busy doctor. A health coach can review these lab results with the patient and help them make some proactive decisions in their healthcare.
These decisions may involve a change in the diet, an increase in activity level, implementing stress reduction techniques or perhaps incorporating some visits to a chiropractor or massage therapist. The key here is the wellness coach gets down and dirty, and takes the time to understand the patient’s needs. They help the patient actively engage and motivate them to push to their goals. Sometimes a wellness coach can help patients make changes in their overall health that might eliminate the necessity for medication.

A doctor telling somebody they require to exercise can be equated to giving a first grader a 600 page Harry Potter novel. Yes, they may be able to sound out the words and read it, but they are not likely going to understand the story.

Most patients get it. They know they require to exercise and eat healthy, but lots of require some guidance and all patients could use some help coming up with a actual plan. With all the conflicting information in the media and on the net, most of us don’t know what is truly lovely for us. A wellness coach helps patients pull it all together.

Wellness and Health Coaching explained by Dr. Michael Arloski.

A wellness coach works with a patient to accomplish overall health success across six key areas. These areas are physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional, social and mental. The premise is that when our lives our out of balance in of these areas, it tends to imbalance the others. A wellness coach can provide the support, accountability and motivation to keep a patient on track in each of these areas. Even patients who might not be dealing with serious illness can benefit from their services.

When all is said and done, a patient who has worked with a wellness coach can return to the doctor and feel confident they are heading in the right direction. By becoming healthy, the patient enjoys fewer doctors visits; they may avoid medication and will ultimately live an extended, happier life. The result is the patient is more accountable to their own wellness and healthcare expenses.

So how does a wellness coach… well, coach? Every coach has their own style and each will tailor the methods to meet their patient’s needs. Some might do phone meetings; others may do one-on-one meetings and yet another might offer some group options or training videos. There’s also coaches that focus on positive genders or positive age groups. The idea is to connect to their patient and make positive their patient “gets it” and has the tools they require to succeed in their wellness journey. A health can also interact directly with the doctor to make positive they are heading in the right direction.