All You Need To Know About Saliva Drug Testing Method

The world today has become surrounded by drug abuse as well as drug addiction. This escalating disorder has become so common and the rate of drug abuser has considerably grown higher. This is the major concerning problem that needs to be detected & solved.

Various drug screening test in form of drug test cup and stripes are widely available in the market today to prevent such a severe threat.

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Drug Testing kits are classified into the following two categories on the basis of the ability to detect a number of drug substances in a single shot of test:

  1. Single-Panel Drug testing kits
  2. Multi-panel Drug testing kits

These drug testing kits based on different types of samples like blood, urine, saliva, sweat, and breath. Today, here in this article we will be discussing some important facts about saliva drug testing methods:

Where Saliva testing method or Oral Fluid test is used?

Saliva is a clear liquid formed by several glands in the mouth of human & animals. Saliva drug testing is often used in the workplace, law enforcement bodies and home to identify the abuse of the drug. Today it has become a common practice in many organization to check employees and people before hiring to ensure the safety of business and workplace.

At home, most of the parents prefer it to check whether their teens are addicted to illicit drugs, as it minimizes the case of adulteration and provides reliable results.

In addition to this, fentanyl urine test strips are also very reliable to provide a quick result.


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How is it used?

Oral fluid can provide quick and non-invasive results. It is very easy to use. A swab is placed between the gums for two minutes. The drug levels in the sample when unmatched to the fixed level, then the antibodies get saturated and no color line is seen.

The occurrence of a colored line signifies the negative results, whereas no line indicates the drug abuse. Marijuana, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Opiates, Methamphetamine, and alcohol are some of the drugs that can be detected using saliva testing method.

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