Advantages Of Reciting Prayer And Doing Meditation

Often when an individual faces struggles in his life they turn to prayer or meditation as it helps greatly in dealing with all those problems. People practicing theism prefers praying to God via prayers such as mentioned on the while, those who have other theistic opinions might opt to meditate to bring them divine guidance.

In spite of the fact that you are praying because you believe God will answer it or you are meditating as you feel it calm your mind and body or you are doing both the reality is that it is actually beneficial. This is the reason that so many people believe in this phenomenon.

A lot of people has revealed that reciting the prayer for a specific cause said in their own way can prove to be really advantageous. For instance, saying the ‘prayer of abundance and prosperity’ (better known as Oracion de la abundancia y prosperidad in the Spanish language) can help in becoming affluent. This will be done by the guidance provided by the angels and archangels.

Here underlined are the benefits of reciting the prayer and doing meditation:

  • Health benefits – These practices help in heaving tolerance of common aches and pains. It also strengthens our mental acuity and immune system, lowers the risk of heart disease, blood pressure. Those things all result in less productivity lost and lower health care expenses.
  • Mental focus – Despite the aspect that you are focused on monetary success or any other aspect of your life, both prayer, and meditation give us a chance to mentally focus on those things.

  • Decision making – Also, you tend to make better decisions in those areas, consciously or otherwise. If you continue doing with it and you’ll observe the benefits spreading throughout your life.

You may click here to check this great post to read about the similarities between meditation and prayer. So whether you decide to recite prayer or meditate the vital thing is that you must pick one of the options to calm your mind from all the anxiety.